Legacy Family Tree Free Webinars

Legacy Family Tree Webinars are offered by Millenia Corporation, makers of the family tree software, Legacy Family Tree.  I have now participated in several of their sessions and find them highly rewarding. I have been researching my own genealogy for over twenty years and I still found some very helpful ideas on additional research techniques.  I recommend registering even if the time is not convenient as the webinars are available as FREE recorded sessions after the live event for several days.

Other upcoming and previously recorded webinars can be found here.


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Genealogy #8: Overlooked Sources, part 3

Great thought provoking ideas for your research.

Wordsmith Magic

Overlooked Sources, part 3

This is a continuation of a posting about considering sources you might not ordinarily think of when starting your genealogy journey.

The last two sources I will highlight in this section are maps and journals.

3. Maps
A few things to consider are a decent, well-detailed atlas, Wikipedia, and progressive maps.

The atlas will help you locate counties, particularly in relation to one another.
If a relative was born in Richmond, but died in Lee County, Virginia, it might be helpful to see how close the two counties are, as well as try to determine what route he may have taken from Point A to Point B.

Wikipedia is a wonderful source for locating information about geographic locations, even if the place doesn’t exist anymore.
Because the information is supplied by the public and can be edited at any time, sometimes errors occur.
But more often…

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Have a seat and get some advice at the Armchair Genealogist

A great blog for genealogy nuts like me.

Where Did They Go?

Beginner or not, there are times we can all use a little advice in our genealogical endeavors.  I happened to stumble upon The Armchair Genealogist while doing a bit of research on my own families and was impressed with the information, tips and links at this blog.  So while you are enjoying your morning coffee, visit the Armchair Genealogist.

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Do You Live Urgently?

Living urgently. We all should. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Sophie Novak

Do you occasionally sit down and examine where you’re headed? Perhaps you’re a big supporter of ‘carpe diem’ and take everything one bit at a time, without too much contemplation.

Seize the day’ is a wonderful motto to live by, surely. Rather than obsessing over the past or worrying about the future, embracing the present is a great way to feeling content.

On the other hand, do we have the time to watch life pass us by? How can we stop having regrets at a later stage?

One word: urgency. Life on its own is urgent, passable, limited, pressed with an expiration date. It pushes us to do – right now. Because tomorrow may be late. Because tomorrow may in fact die.

Though rushing through life may not sound like the path to fulfillment and can lead to anxieties if not handled properly, when adopted healthily it’s…

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Welcome to An Incredible Journey!!!

I am Kim Myers.  I have always loved family and been interested in our family history.  Over a decade ago, my youngest son, Ryan, came home with an assignment to create his family tree.  That was the spark that started researching our ancestry.  As information has been explored, I have found that the Peacher branch of the family is rich with information, fascination, drama, and history.  This site offers the opportunity to explore and share information on the extended families of John Peacher and Lydia Mallahan Peacher.  The journey will take us from the early days of the colonies, through the exploration and settlement of the early western frontiers, the American Revolution, national expansion, the Civil War, reconstruction, and up to the beginning of the 20th century.  

Feel free to assist in research, connect with family, explore our family history, or just come along for an interesting trip.  

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