So many books, so little time.  Part of the last decade or two has been to amass an extensive library to research our family and to just enjoy.  As time has progressed more and more information is available.  The greatest blessing to date has been Google books.  I can’t express enough what a great asset this has been.  I have found reference to family history that otherwise would never have been discovered or accessible.   For contemporary books, recent and still covered by copyright, it leads you to references that can be purchased or borrowed from a library.  Amazon and ABE Books have both given access to out of print books or used books at an affordable price.  For books out of copyright, books have been scanned and are available to download.  It would be great if we use this page to information on books that others would enjoy or find relevant to their research.


2 responses to “Books

  1. Kim

    Some great recent reads:
    Midnight Rising – Tony Horwitz – a great book about John Brown and the raid on the Harpers Ferry arsenal
    Reflections of a Civil War Locomotive Engineer – Diana Bailey Harris – anyone with an interest in railroading or the Civil War will really want to read this

  2. Kim

    Currently reading:
    Border Life – Elizabeth Perkins – Experience and Memory in the Revolutionary Ohio Valley
    Harpers Ferry Under Fire – Dennis E. Frye – A Border Town in the American Civil War
    The Maryland Campaign of September 1862 Vol. I: South Mountain – Thomas G. Clemens

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