We will use this page to share research questions and discoveries.  For example, I am currently trying to discover the ancestry of the Mallahan/Malahan/Malahon/Molohon/etc. ancestry.  I am trying to discover the husband of Sabina and father of Thompson, Elizabeth, Lydia, Mary, Sarah, and Charles.  It appears that she travelled to the area of Fairfield and Franklin counties with her family sometime in the latter part of the first decade of the 19th century.  During the 1800’s, these siblings spread throughout the state of Ohio.  Sabina, was born sometime around 1750 and was still living with her daughter Elizabeth Mallahan Lenox, wife of Richard, in Turtle Creek Township in Shelby County Ohio in 1850. Her son Thompson married Sally Clymer and remained in Fairfield County.  Lydia Mallahan married John Peacher, my third great grandfather and moved back to the Harpers Ferry area sometime around 1815.  Mary married Searlott Owings and to date I have not been able to find another record of them.  Sarah Mallahan married John Schoonover Jr. and remained in the Madison Township area of Franklin County Ohio. Both died very young but with a number of children.  Charles Mallahan married Angeline McCullough.

I’m beginning to believe the missing Mallahan may be Raleigh(Rawley) Molohan(Mollohan) who appears in the records of Hampshire County Virginia(now WV) in 1798 and lastly appears in 1806. I’m continuing to do a complete one name search of all Mallahan’s in the colonies from 1700-1800.  I am fairly confident our Mallahan descendants are not related or closely related to the Braxton County West Virginia families.  Any help or insight into researching this family would be greatly appreciated.  I have significant research I can share.


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